Simple is Simply better

It’s so easy to micromanage ours lives, getting every detail organized and filling our schedule with tasks that we’ll never really get done.

For example, I’ve always heard that when you buy a house “you’re never done with it”.

Why? Did the people that build it not finish?

We have a need to always tinker, that’s my technical term. 

Sometimes I have a bad habit of taking the simple and making it complicated, or creating a complicated piece when all that is needed is one thing.

A while back I was working on Capstone Creations social media pages, our Twitter and Youtube backgrounds specifically.

I was wanting a rich, colorful and creative look to these outlets. Instead I ended up with something simple with a white background. You can see the design here and here.

Simple is better because it’s easier, faster and frees up your time to do what you need to do more efficiently. It’s also less distracting. In the case of the backgrounds your eye should be drawn not to the background but the pictures and content. We miss so much better content because we’ve over committed or cluttered things.

Learn to say no.

Begin the exploration of simplifying, of uncluttering for the sake of putting what’s more important first.

Take a little break from the weekly to-do list posts, motivating though they are, and try to keep your ears perked and eyes widened for what doors will begin to open for you because you trusted God and laid something that, though may seem important, is really sucking the life out of you.

You’ll see that the call to simplify was really what God may have been calling you too all along. It’s what I think He called me too, and now I’m more free to hear Him better. 

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